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AT LAST… It’s time for the 4th running year of FAKIRU WEEK! And we’re releasing the prompts a few days early so you can get a nice head-start on them if needed! Without further ado…

Fakiru Week 2014 Prompt List

1. Green | 24th Sept.
2. Test | 25th Sept.
3. Gate | 26th Sept.
4. Fantasy | 27th Sept
5. Flower | 28th Sept.
6. Time | 29th Sept.
7. Hands | 30th Sept.

Fakiru Week runs from September 24th to September 30th!

Reminder: All the above prompts can be interpreted in any way that you wish! Just please be sure to go over the rules here!

Any questions or concerns can be sent to the Fakiru Week Mods: amissapanda | rhubarbwithoutstrawberries | dreamicide

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