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You tell them Horton. Choose Life!

Dr. Seuss was pro choice, his wife still sues pro life organizations for using this phrase against their wishes (Horton was about post-WWII treatment of Japan, not abortion), and his estate still continues to donate to Planned Parenthood. so by supporting his works you’re subsequently supporting pro choice organizations. thanks! <3

An important analysis: “The book was written in 1954, long before Roe v. Wade[…] The Whos are not groups of cells, after all: they are sentient, independent people with their own society, even a mayor. Their small size is a metaphor, you see (trust the anti-abortion crowd to take a parable literally). Seuss is making a point about people who are different, and the ignorance that keeps others from metaphorically not seeing or hearing them.”

Bam. (source)


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